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About Odette's Tearoom

In November 2013, Victoria Osborne and Nancy Powell-Brace took part in the community opera written for the town of Wellington called “The Wonderous Tales of the Whiteball Tunnel”. The performance intermingled the stories of the building of the Whiteball Tunnel and that of Odette Hallowes, a member of the secret British World War II organisation, Special Operations Executive (SOE), who lived in Somerset at the time of her recruitment.

A short time after taking part in the production Victoria and Nancy decided that there was a place in Wellington for a traditional tearoom and the hunt for a premises, and a name, began.

Odette's Tearoom team
On September 5th, 2015, Odette’s Tearoom opened its doors to the local community and people from far afield and, in addition to being regarded as a place of style, elegance and scrumptious food, it has also become a hub for the passing on of Odette's story.
Victoria Osborne and Nancy Powell-Brace standing outside Odette's Tearoom with Sophie Parker

Nancy and Victoria have met some wonderful people over the years who knew the family when they lived in Whiteball and who had connections with the SOE themselves.

They are most honoured to have earned the friendship of Sophie Parker, Odette’s granddaughter, who has supported the venture from day one, shared wonderful family stories about her grandmother and visited the tearooms personally.

In January 2020 Victoria retired from the business but is still on hand to lend her artistic and well-read contribution to the tearoom.