Meeting Caroline Biddle, Odette’s Granddaughter

Chris Uncategorized

Wednesday 15th September became another very special day in the history of our little tearoom!

The boss was enjoying a birthday lunch with family in North Petherton when a call came from the shop – “ODETTE’S GRANDDAUGHTER HAS JUST COME IN FOR LUNCH”. 

Fortunately I have a very understanding family and after a mad dash (within the speed limits of course) down the M5 I was able to get to the tearoom just as Caroline and her partner were finishing up their egg dishes!

I was then able to spend a wonderful half hour chatting with Caroline Biddle, the daughter of Odette’s youngest child, Marianne. Having had the privilege and honour to spend time with Sophie Parker, another of Odette’s grandchildren, it was a wonderful, and emotional, thing to meet another member of that extraordinary family. Whenever I do, they always tell me how grateful they are to us at the tearoom for keeping their grandmother’s story alive. Them, grateful to me… surely I tell them, the boot is on the other foot!

Once more we, at Odette’s Tearoom, feel reignited in our mission to keep Odette’s story at the forefront of Somerset history. It is the very least we can do!